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Hi, I’m Ja an artist working many with oil paint in and around the British Isles, based in Shropshire.

Although born in landlocked Warwickshire, the majority of my fondest, most vivid, childhood memories are of family holidays on the Isles of Scilly, sailing or on the coast of the Mediterranean, where I spent much of my time drawing.

It was during my early teens that I was fortunate enough to attend Streete Court Preparatory School in Surrey as a boarding pupil where I was introduced to oil painting by one of my tutors, Mr Parry. From this moment I was hooked on painting and was determined to ensure that art would play a predominate role in my education.

After studying Art as well as Classical Civilisation, with particular emphasis on the arts and culture of ancient Greece, to A’Level I went on to graduate in Graphic Design from Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design (now know as the Arts University Bournemouth).

My training as a designer has provided me with the draughtsmanship skill, composition and perspective, as well as an understanding of colour theories, especially concerning the cyan, yellow and magenta palette rather than the red, green and blue palette which is traditionally taught in art.  These are all key foundations in all my work.

My early introduction to the coast, particularly my childhood memories of Tresco, continues to inspire my subject matter with colour, including the powerful blues such as cyan, in the form of cerulean, and french ultramarine ranging to yellow through to magenta, dominating my work.

And finally, as some of you have asked about my first name, its pronounced Jay and is from Jason.

Ja Edwards

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